Calendar Girl
By Ansley
Dec 1, 2004 - 5:14:00 PM

Meet Nan Cloutier. She has a degree in Liberal Arts from an Ivy League University. That degree is virtually useless in the real world. So her career choices are limited. She is employed as a Cheer Facilitator for Seasonal Staffers Inc. Her positions have been varied.  Including being a Cindy-Lou Who Impersonator. That job was thankless, screaming children, tight, miserable uniforms and having to pretend to speak French.

She lives in a tiny apartment above a bakery in a not-so-nice area of Manhattan. To her though, it's paradise. That is, until her heartbroken brother moves in and throws her world upside down.

Nan would eventually like to settle down and have a dependable job, and get married but she has more than enough on her plate right now to even think of such nonsense. Like, mending her brother's broken heart, keeping her father from becoming too much more of a metrosexual, and worse, stopping her college crush from marrying a coldhearted mistake. Her life is far too busy to worry about settling down.

Just when Nan thinks that things can't get much worse, she is in for a rude awakening. Her family is raging out of control, her friends are nuts, and her love life is in shambles. What else could go wrong?

CALENDAR GIRL is hilarious! Nan is a girl for all seasons, her jobs prove that. You will be laughing out loud at her family and her friends, relating every now and then, if not every other page to their shenanigans. She can't seem to get her life going in the right directions and every time that it looks like it is straightening up, she spirals down again. You will appreciate her attempts to stabilize her crazy life and learn life lessons in the process.    

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