Calendar Girls: Miss April
By Shayla
Dec 1, 2005 - 9:39:00 AM

April looks forward to going to work, and waiting on her favorite customer, D Cristofer, he is always asking her out. April doesn’t think that he really wants to go out with her, why would he want to go out with a plain Jane when he can have his pick of any beautiful woman he wants? What would happen if she could overcome her fear, and agree to go out with him? Would he run, and never come back?

D. Cristofer is in love with April. He has been since he first saw her. He’s not about to give up, and quit asking her out. She finally gives in and agrees to go out with him, and it turns out to be more than they both have ever envisioned. When April gets up early she finds something that she believes is unexplainable, she runs out the door. Can D Cristofer find her, and explain what she found, and what it was for? MISS APRIL is another excellent story with a real woman as the heroine. A woman with a problem which most women face in today’s day and age. A story like this one makes me feel better about myself, and I hope it help others out there also. I can not wait for the next installment of the Calendar Girls.

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