By Pamela Denise
Nov 11, 2009 - 12:39:57 AM


Layla Washington had given up professional dancing six years ago after an accident at the Pro-Am Eastern competition. Now she is a dance instructor at Unite Dance Studio. When her best friend Reni calls her up with the news that Layla’s hometown, Tidewater, Virginia, will be hosting the first annual Pro-Am Latin dance competition, it brings back memories for Layla, but she has put her days of competing behind her. However, a run in and some few harsh words later with her old adversary have her signing up to perform. The only problem is that she doesn’t have a partner and has only danced with one man. Gathering up her courage, she sets out to reconnect with Marcelo Alcindor, former partner and ex-lover. Layla tells herself this is about the competition and not the bedroom, but Marcelo has other ideas. He is determined to teach Layla that love is what truly counts.

WANTING MIA by Kelley Nyrae

Two months ago Mia Hamilton and her best friend, Evie Sinclair, took a weekend getaway to Mia’s hometown, Big Bear, California, to celebrate passing the bar exams. The two had made a pact to find a man to share the weekend with. It had turned out well for Evie, things had evolved into something more serious with the man she spent time with. In contrast, the man Mia propositioned had turned her down because he already had a woman. The brush off stung, but Mia didn’t expect to see him again so she didn’t let it get her down. Now, sexy Latino Antonio Rojas was sitting across from her telling her that he wanted what he’d given up on during their last encounter. Antonio desired Mia from the moment his eyes grazed over her, but he had been involved with someone. Things hadn’t worked out with his girlfriend and Antonio couldn’t forget the beautiful bold woman who had delivered an intimate proposal to him.  Antonio is ready to take Mia up on her offer and he’s going to pull out all the stops to make good on the claims.



JULIA’S SECOND ACT by Simone Harlow

Julia Wade is known in the show biz world as the Den Mother, an agent who always takes care of and supports her clients. When star actress Summer Cannon starts partying too much, Julia decides to give her some tough love and lets her go. This puts her on the crap list with the agency and her boss. She has one more chance to smooth things over, and that chance is Matt Valdez. Matt, once an A-list actor, is now a recovering alcoholic trying to break back into the Hollywood scene. He’s impressed with Julia’s way of handling things and the supportive alliance she offers. They work together, both hoping to get a break, but so far no one is taking any chances by adding him to their cast. Julia is determined to bring Matt back into the spotlight; she senses a strong man who has what it takes to make it again. The problem is the thoughts she’s conjuring up about his chiseled body and dark locks are far from professional. Matt recognizes the spark of fire that ignites immediately between him and Julia, but she won’t go there with him because he’s a client. Matt is just as determined to get her into his bed as she is to get him the perfect role.




Cleo Harris, once one of the world’s top gymnasts with two gold medals under her belt, had taken a different career path and had become one of the most successful cat burglars this century. That is until a former associate had squealed on her to save his own hide, and she’d spent the past two years in jail with a three year stint still ahead.  When polished Homeland Security Agent Vincent Mendoza shows up with a get out of jail free card she hesitantly agrees to help with his mission. Cleo is to get into Sohar Consulate, locate a computer file, and then retrieve a copy. Cleo decides to team up with the hot chiseled agent, after all, she’s an expert at the task she’s been chosen for. She’s ready to get the job done and move on with her new life, but Cleo isn’t prepared to be the one taken in by the chemistry that is unleashed between her and Vincent.



CALIENTE is a compilation of stories featuring smart sassy women and the gorgeous Latin men whose hearts they’ve captured. INSTRUCTING LAYLA by Monique Lamont is a beautiful passionate tale that brings a whole new twist to a game of strip poker. WANTING MIA by Kelley Nyrae is filled with witty banter and a sizzling snowball fight. JULIA’S SECOND ACT by Simone Harlow represents personal growth and self acceptance while delivering a sweet romance. PARTNERS IN CRIME by J.M. Jefferies brings together an unlikely team of a cat burglar and an agent, and together they score big. This spicy little collection is so hot the pages smoke. Don't miss this book!

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