Call It What You Want

Author: Rhonda Jackson Joseph

Publisher: Tea and a Tome

Release Date: March 27, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Beautiful Cishawn is a teacher, an adoring mother, and has aspirations to become a decorator.    It’s easy to be with her two-hundred-fifty pound babyish man, Jared, because she doesn’t love him enough to have her heart broken.   There was another man, Tonzell, in her life once, and after many years, she still has mixed emotions about him.  

Cishawn had captivated Tonzell when they were dating in college.   He wanted commitment, but she put her independence first.   He never quite got over the fact that she dropped him.   Because of mutual friends, they’d remained cordial.   Now he’s back in town for a wedding.   While he stays to expand his business, their paths cross.   As soon as they begin talking, both feel a passionate attraction.   It isn’t long before they realize their same dilemma.   He wants traditional marriage, and she feels more comfortable with staying in the moment.   Even though she wants him, can she ever go from budding relationship to long-term commitment?


Author Rhonda Jackson Joseph writes CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT from two first person points of view which heightened the attraction between Cishawn and Tonzell.  Cishawn’s abilily to make love without messing up her hair made me laugh.   I laughed when Cishawn’s ability to make love without messing up her hair.  Even when the drama queen catches the chicken pox, her humor and attitude doesn’t falter.  The standoffish entrepreneur is sweet when he takes the opportunity to show his protective side as he nurses her back to health.    The natural chemistry between them and Jackson’s lively writing make CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT a special love story, and I highly recommend it.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R

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