Call Me Irresistible
Oct 20, 2011 - 2:02:40 AM

Meg Koranda is the daughter of Hollywood royalty. Her best friend is the former president’s daughter, who happens to be on the cusp of wedding Ted Beaudine, Wynette, Texas’s town mayor and everyone’s favorite man of the hour. Handsome, charming, smart. He’s irresistible…to everyone but Meg. And maybe to his fiancée as well. A good friend, Meg asks questions, pokes and prods at Mr. Irresistible, and gets the bride to thinking. And as only Meg can, she starts a snowball of trouble that ends with the bride fleeing the scene and the groom driving away, leaving a church full of people pointing the finger at Meg. But things really heat up when her last credit card is rejected, her car breaks down, she has to pay for her room, and the sheriff comes calling. Meg finds herself public enemy number one in a town that considers her responsible for breaking the mayor’s heart.

CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE starts off with a bang and never stops. The characters in this book are fully fleshed out, captivating one moment, humorously annoying the next. You can’t help rooting for them to all just get along while loving the fact that they don’t. The story is wonderful, sweet, at times heart-wrenching, and laugh-out-loud funny.

Ms. Phillips never writes a book that falls flat, and this novel is no exception. The chemistry between Meg and Ted is sizzling, and made even more apparent because they don’t seem to like each other much. But as they grow to know and understand one another, their pairing couldn’t be more right.

Watching Meg mature and learn to believe in herself was just as terrific as seeing her and Ted fall in love.

The secondary characters at times wanted to steal the show. And I was happy to let them. Funny without being stereotypes, the townspeople of Wynette are a hoot. There’s a side plot involving some danger that spices up the book and adds to the joys and trials of living in a small town.

Right after I read CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE, I picked it up and started reading it again. I couldn’t put the book down. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a good laugh, a warm feeling, and a genuinely great time. Nobody writes contemporaries like Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE only whet my appetite to see what becomes of Lucy Jorik, the runaway bride. If I could rate this ten stars, I would.

As it is, I give it my highest recommendations. Don’t miss CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE. A tour de force of love, laughter, and a rollicking good time.


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