Call Me Irresistible

Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: April 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Meg Koranda just knows her best friend, Lucy, is not ready to marry Ted Beaudine. He may Mr. Perfect to everyone in his hometown, but Meg hates to see Lucy tie herself to a man who just is not the one. Thus, when Lucy ditches Ted at the altar, everyone blames Meg. Escaping blame in Wynette is near impossible and Meg becomes the target for not only the local police, but also someone determined to drive her out of town. And she gets the focus of Mr. Perfect himself, Ted Beaudine.

Ted Beaudine has never been so angry at someone before but he is not going to let that anger show. Meg pushes every button he has but he just cannot stay away from her. Soon, Ted has become Meg’s knight in shining armor as the town continues to vilify her, but Meg does not want to be Ted’s damsel. She can save herself and he is at a loss as to how he can be falling for a woman who seemingly dismisses the traits everyone in town loves about him. Has Ted really and truly lost his heart to a rapscallion of a woman determined to make him lose all control and fall head first into love?

Susan Elizabeth Phillips is a romance writing treasure and CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE is as fun and irresistible as her past books. Ted and Meg are all grown up and they are ready to make their own mark on the world, outside of their parents. For Meg, that is easier said than done as she has always been something of a problem child and her parents are finally forcing her to stand on her own two feet. And stand she does, against all the politicking of Wynette, against the anger and hurt, and in the process, grows a heck of a lot. The romance in CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE is delicate, funny, and painful as Ted and Meg confront things about themselves that are not always easy to deal with. In the process, they truly come to rely on each other.

Wynette, Texas, sounds a bit mean but rest-assured, the townsfolk have a worse bark than bite. They become champions for Ted and Meg when these two least expect it. CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE instantly charms. These two may not have seemed right for each other initially, but Susan Elizabeth Phillips proves that even the most unlikely of couples can find true love.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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