Call Me Pete
By Carol
Jun 1, 2007 - 8:58:00 AM

Tracie Hill is not looking forward to the next day. Her old boss has retired and tomorrow a new and imposing figure would take over. She just knows her job is on the line that the unseen tyrant was going to come in like a tornado and leave a trail of Tracie scattered across the office.

She hadn't counted on the blackout that follows Pete into her office. With the blackout, the electricity controlled locks have them stranded together all night. What better opportunity for a night of uninhibited pleasures. Pete is a complete stranger yet Tracie gives in to a night such as she has never known.


In the morning Tracie meets the new boss. He knows about her night with Pete. How will he take advantage of the situation? His list of demands fills her with dread until she hears it. Can she live with those demands?


Call Me Pete was a hot little read. It was like a firecracker display that popped, provided this reviewer with a good show and then closed quickly with a nice bang- no pun intended. Desiree Holt definitely lights up the night in this quick read.

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