Call Waiting

Author: Michelle Cunnah

Publisher: Avon Books

Release Date: August 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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With pending weddings, engagements, and a boyfriend who still hadn't asked her to move in, Emma had enough on her plate of issues every day, without letting her British side come through with doubts and mistrust. Instead of enjoying the day, she spends her birthday worrying that Jack is sleeping with his boss.

Jack knows that Emma has reasons to be careful, but it is really silly the way she regards Claire as an enemy.  Claire is nowhere near interested in Jack more than professionally.  At least that's what he thinks.  Claire moves into the circle of friends and begins winning over everyone, well except Emma. 

When the solid relationships around her start to fall apart, Emma plays referee and confidant to those around her.  All the late hours Jack puts in with Claire eats away at their relationship as well.  Maybe once again she has fallen for the wrong man, and she faces the possibility of once again being alone.

Michelle Cunnah uses humor and life experiences to captivate her audience.  Emma's life is one we can all relate to on a personal basis and has all the drama we love reading.  CALL WAITING is an excellent example of the turmoil relationships can cause, and comedic situations that brings people back together and sets things back the way they should be. 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Charity

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