Callahan Cowboy Triplets (Callahan Cowboys)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 15, 2013 - 11:40:41 AM

Tighe Callahan doesn’t back down from a challenge and staying on Firefreak for a full 8 seconds is definitely going to rank high among his more risky endeavors.  Of course, one of the main reasons for getting on Firefreak in the first place is gaining River’s attention – and it actually works – but not the way he anticipated, though the results are far better than he could have hoped. 

In a bid to keep Tighe from getting on the bull in the first place River Martin agrees to lure him to her place, ply him with alcohol, and then leave him in the care of his family.  What she doesn’t expect is for the determined man to climb into her bed and effectively seduce her and STILL climb onto the bull the next day.   The results are multiple body injuries for him – and an unexpected pregnancy for her.


River is a trained bodyguard for the Callahan’s.  Protecting them for harm – even of their own making is her number one priority.  Her pregnancy is an unexpected complication but she doesn’t see any reason why it should interfere with her job for the moment.  She certainly doesn’t see any reason to succumb to Tighe’s insistence that she marry him just because she’s pregnant with his babies.  Marriage is not a prerequisite to giving birth and marriage is about much more than children so until Tighe tells her that he loves her, there’s no way she’s going to trade in her combat attire for a wedding dress – no matter how magical it is.


Rather than being able to focus on their relationship and any potential problems with a multiple birth pregnancy Tighe becomes immersed in a quest to best his uncle, rescue his Aunt Fiona and defend the family land – only doing so will be a study in self-control because River insists on being involved and that puts her in danger.  Tighe will be torn between rushing in and saving his loved ones and following his destiny – it won’t be an easy decision for a man who’s rarely idle.


Let me just start off by saying that I’d highly suggest reading some of the earlier books in the CALLAHAN COWBOYS series because there are a lot of cultural (Native American) references and mention of things that would have occurred earlier in the series so I felt a little lost when I first started reading.  While River’s a soldier first and foremost and never seems to break that mold, Tighe actually grows up throughout this story and he’s an interesting character to follow.  He reminded me of an excited puppy in the beginning – constantly in motion and looking for attention, but through his various experiences during story he evolves into a man any woman would be proud to have by her side – even if he does still resort to attention garnering behavior occasionally.  Tina Leonard uses humor, the Native American culture and beliefs, a wonderful loving family, a bit of magical imagination and a unique romance to bring this story to life.  The Callahan’s will steal their way into your heart and send you rushing to find all the titles in the series.


Check Ms. Leonard’s website for the list of previous titles in this series – and the next title A CALLAHAN CHRISTMAS MIRACLE is due to be released in November 2013.


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