Campus Cravings: Broken Pottery
By Christina
Jul 1, 2008 - 2:50:05 PM

Tony Bianchi will never forget the moment he found Daniel handcuffed and beaten almost beyond recognition. He doesn’t understand how anyone could hurt a man as kind and sweet as Daniel and feels an intense need to protect him. It is obvious Daniel is terrified but he insists that accepting Tony’s help will only get him hurt further and he refuses to talk to the police about his abuser. 



Tony is falling in love with Daniel but he is unsure of how to help him. He brings Daniel home and as he and Daniel spend more time together it becomes painfully clear that Daniel has much more than just physical damage. Tony is unsure whether he can be the Dom that Daniel needs or inflict the kind of pain that he craves but he is determined to try to be what Daniel needs and to help him heal.


BROKEN POTTERY is the sixth book in the Campus Cravings series by Carol Lynne and it is my favorite. At times this novel is hard to read. Daniel has been severely damaged emotionally and mentally. He is a character that stayed with me long after I finished the book. There were many times that I found myself holding back tears as I read. I love Tony’s determination to help Daniel and how carefully he treats him.  The way that Daniel’s character changes and develops throughout the story because he is finally getting the love and care he needs is very moving. I highly recommend this story. 


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