Can't Buy Me Love
By Dottie
Jun 10, 2012 - 8:41:33 PM

Tamara Jean Sweet was born Jane and she lived in a trailer with her mom, who frequently brought her boyfriends to their home. By the age of twelve, Jane was already developing a womanly figure. On her sixteenth birthday, one of her mother’s boyfriends hurt her. Her mother, blaming Jane, threw her out. Living on the streets, she had hooked up with Dennis, who conned the elderly and forced her to join him. When she had given one of the gentlemen his money back, Dennis had found her and beat her badly. She had been put in the hospital and Dennis had gone to jail. While in the hospital, she met Lyle Baker, another elderly gentleman. She had read to him and told him everything about herself. With her love of drawing, she had started drawing designs of leather clothing for Lyle’s family business after he offered her a job, and she became Tamara. She soon turned the nearly bankrupt company into a multimillion dollar enterprise. Lyle insisted that she stay on his Crook Creek Ranch to do the work, although she still kept a separate apartment for the weekends. Since he had helped her out, she could not turn him down when he discovered that he was dying and wanted her to pose as his trashy fiancée. Although they had no intention of marrying, he figured this would force his son and daughter to come home since nothing else had brought them back in the past ten years. Throughout it all, Tamara lived with the fear that Dennis would one day find her again and finish the job he had begun.

Luc Barker had spent the last twenty years in the NHL and the last seven in Toronto. However, lately he has been knocked out a few times and with the latest one, the doctor advised him not to do anything physical. He has scar tissue on his frontal lobe and the damage could get worse. He knew he was getting too old for the sport, but he loves his time on the ice. Growing up, he had never been able to gain his father’s approval. But as soon as he discovered hockey, it became his life and he had not looked back. It had been over ten years since he has been home and he has no intention of going back. Having his own money now, he did not need anything from his father. However, his half-sister Victoria had recently had a shock when her husband was brought up on criminal charges and subsequently shot himself. As a widow with a young boy, Victoria had gone to live with Luc. She refused to take Luc’s money. So when they received the picture of the trashy, knock-out blonde wrapped around their elderly father, she decided to go there and put a stop to it, even though her father never seemed to care for her. There was no way that Luc would let his sister go through that alone. He knew she was only going there for their father’s money, but still he would be there to protect her.


Luc had sized Tamara up immediately from her picture, but after spending a little time with her, he could tell that he had been wrong. He did not like the fact that he desired her and wanted her in his bed. As for Tamara, she felt the sparks that flew between her and Luc, but she tried to resist them. She knew he would despise her when he discovered her past. Then one day while she was in town, waiting for Luc to finish company business, she heard someone speak to her. The fear returned as she realized that the speaker was Dennis. He had found her. Still she feels safe when she is at the ranch, but she soon finds even that safety is an illusion. Will she survive to explore the feelings she has for Luc, or should she go away to protect Luc and his family?


A delicious tale, CAN’T BUY ME LOVE, the latest book from RITA award winning author Molly O’Keefe, is a sassy, emotion-packed read that will bring a grin to your face. Luc and Tamara are well matched and the chemistry between them is explosive. This book is so addictive that I advise that you not start the book unless you have the time to finish it. I was unable to put it down and ended up reading late into the night. Packed with deceit, life-threatening danger, suspense, complex characters, witty repartee, passion, hockey, romance and love, this book is one that you will want to read more than once. As I anticipate reading Ms. O’Keefe’s next story, CAN’T HURRY LOVE, be sure to get your own copy of CAN’T BUY ME LOVE. I highly recommend it!

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