Can't Deny Love
By Phyllis Ingram
Nov 30, 2003 - 5:47:00 PM

Tanya has been seeing Martin Carter, for the past year. A graduate of a top business school and with his first term in Congress, Martin is definitely “husband” material. Martin proposes to Tanya at her surprise party. Before she could give him an answer, Christine’s water breaks. As Damien is out of town, Tanya has to take Christine to the hospital. Martin gives Tanya the ring box to take with her and asks her to give him her ‘yes” answer tomorrow.

Babies are known for not coming into this world right away and Damien gets there just in time to see the birth. Damien is not the only one there; so is Brandon. Tanya sees him at the hospital and slaps him across the face, unable to forgive him for lying and leaving her. When she walks into Christine’s hospital room later, and sees Brandon holding the baby, Tanya is distraught as she had never imagined Brandon as a father.


Brandon decides that he wants Tanya back in his life.  He had lied to her and now she does not even want to hear what he has to say. So, he calls and talks to Tanya’s mother. She has always liked Brandon and he hopes she will help him make Tanya listen.


CAN’T DENY LOVE was irresistible for me. I can just imagine this scenario happening because true love never runs smooth. I found CAN’T DENY LOVE a heartwarming and emotional story that I have to admit had me shedding a few tears. I will look forward to reading and hope to review anything that Doreen Rainey writes.  

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