Can’t Stand the Heat
By Pamela Denise
Oct 16, 2009 - 12:37:18 AM

Miranda Wake is famous in the food world for her food critiquing, more often than not, having nothing pleasing to say, and ruffling more than a few chefs’ feathers. When she shows up at the pre-opening of Upper West Side’s newest restaurant, ready to cast her disapproving verdict, she is taken off guard by the Greek god in chef’s clothing who happens to be the place’s owner.

Adam Temple sleeps and breathes food; his work is his passion. He hopes to bring awareness to the importance and pleasures of dining at its best, using only local vendors to supply the ingredients in Market, his new restaurant. When Miranda Wake shows up in the media crowd at his pre-opening, he is geared up to face her famous cryptic reviews. However, he’s not prepared for the saucy little nymph who looks good enough to be a new dish or the way she makes his temper flare.



In the heat of the moment, after having been slighted before even tasting his food, Adam makes an offhand dare that Miranda couldn’t last a day in his kitchen. Miranda, who has been dying for an inside view for the edge she needs for a book she is writing, calls Adam on his bet, causing a stir. Her magazine editor and his investor love the idea and expand the term to one month. Things start heating up in the kitchen, as well as in the bedroom, as the two put aside their differences and give in to their mutual attraction. The snarky little expose of innuendo Miranda had been cooking up on Adam and his unusual kitchen crew starts to take a back burner when she finds herself falling in love with the larger than life chef and his team. However, just when things are coming together, her book’s contents are leaked on a blog. Will Adam be able to forgive Miranda’s betrayal or will she lose the place she’s just learned to call home?


CAN’T STAND THE HEAT is a deliciously sexy read that immerses you into the food industry and fine dining.  Louisa Edwards entertainingly details the various kitchen staff, their tasks, and the inner workings of a five star restaurant. Her colorful details of the local farmers markets, the exquisite dishes that were prepared, as well as the surroundings in New York City were simply remarkable.  On top of the highly visual depictions, she produces a believable sultry romance and lively banter that keeps the pages turning. This is a solid debut novel for Louisa Edwards and I can’t wait to read more of her highly addictive chef novels.

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