Candlelight Christmas

Author: Susan Wiggs

Publisher: Harlequin Mira

Release Date: November 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Darcy Fitzgerald is just getting over a divorce to a man she thought she loved.  But discovering he was cheating on her with his ex-wife, can change a person's mind.  She does sometimes miss her stepkids, a least before they became the vindictive teenagers she left them as.  They were pushing for their parents to get back together, and it did happen, at least for a while.  Darcy has been divorced for a year now, but she hasn't told her family precisely what caused it.  The two families have known each other forever, plus once of her older sisters is married to one of her ex-husband's brothers, and are very much in love.  Darcy just didn't want to rock the boat - it was in the past and done.  Now she just had to try to move on.

Logan O'Donnell and his father didn't have the worst of relationships growing up, but he does wish it was better.  He did tend to rebel a bit - one way was to bring home the type of person that his family wouldn't necessarily approve of.  That would be how he got married to his son's  mother.  She got pregnant and decided to try to make it work.  It didn't, so they ended up divorced.  He wanted to be near his son, so he moved to Avalon and started an insurance business.  The business bored him now, and he only saw his son during parts of the year due to Charlie's mother marrying an Air Force officer who had to move to another station. He gets Charlie for the summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it's never enough.

Darcy would like to try again for her forever relationship, but just not right now - and definitely no men with children already.  She just didn't want to go through that possibility of falling in love with the kids, and maybe them with her, only for them to change down the road.  Even at this age, Logan still isn't thrilled with the idea of someone his family likes, Logan also isn't against the idea of being with someone again, even if he still isn't thrilled with the idea of being with someone his family likes - but definitely not someone who is complicated.

As luck would have it, Darcy went to school with one of Logan's sisters, India, and she decided it was time the two met.  So India brings Darcy to Avalon for a couple of days to get out of the city and into some open spaces.  This also happens to be when summer camp is wrapping up, and the last moments Logan would have with Charlie until the holidays.  When they are introduced, there is interest on both sides, but he figures she is complicated, and she isn't thrilled with all the kids around.  (However, both do agree that they aren't happy that India tried to set them up.)

Time fast forwards to Thanksgiving and Florida.  It is tradition for Logan and his family to spend it there, and his sister invites Darcy as well.  Given she does not want to deal with her ex-husband, or her sister's questions about the divorce, she takes her up on it.  However, she does realize that India is trying to matchmake again, but this time, she doesn't mind - she is hoping to see Logan again.  And this time, they have time to get closer, open up to each other a little more, and finally share a kiss.  

Of course, it's a short holiday, and she has to go back to work on a photo-shoot, and he has to go back to his newly bought, investor backed mountain resort.  It's based where he lives, and it was where his son's summer camp was.  It was an idea that he toyed with, but then finally went all in with.  He knows it will be tough, but he is going to do everything he can to make it work.  And to show it off, he convinces his family to spend Christmas there; it might not be Florida as they were used to, but they are guaranteed a white Christmas.  He also convinces Darcy to join them as well, something Logan hoped would happen.

So once the holidays come, will the magic of the season help Logan and Darcy see all those preconceived notions they had for each other were wrong - and maybe this can be a new start for both, and with each other?

If you like holiday romances, you will love this one.  Candlelight Christmas is a sweet Christmas romance with family, friends, and other secondary characters that  I just loved. Plus the blossoming second chance at love that is sweet and fulfilling as you get to the last page.  Definitely check this one out, any time of the year!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lois M.

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