Candy Hearts #4: Hearts 'n' Handcuffs
By Claudia McRay
Feb 1, 2005 - 4:55:00 PM

The ultra conservative anesthesiologist needs more from her marriage. After ten years, two children and high-powered careers, she feels like the passion is gone from their marriage. They exist, ever afraid their growing daughters will hear them. Careful not to be too demonstrative within hearing distance of the girls. She wants more and finds it. Her friend Maggie is ecstatic about her relationship with her new hubby; she's totally submissive and loves it. The more Nancy explores the aspects of this kind of relationship, the more she wants to try it. She feels the need to totally submit herself to Josh. Will she be able to convince him?

Josh's career as an attorney is on the fast track. His reputation is spotless and he wants to keep it that way. Will what Nancy suggests cause him to lose his place in the community? Will it make their marriage better? Will they lose everything in the process? The solution is for them to join a club where they can explore unique avenues open to couples. Membership is sacred; masks are worn for personal protection.


Ann Jacobs has written a delightful story about the trials a couple experiences in their quest to find and re-kindle the passion in their marriage.  CANDY HEARTS #4 “ HEARTS 'N' HANDCUFFS is more than a story of renewed passion. It's a story of how a man and woman who truly love one another will explore all options open to them to keep their love alive. If it involves a little bondage, so be it. The path they follow and the avenues they explore will leave you breathless.


Josh and Nancy will steal your heart. They stole mine.

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