Candy Coated Clown

Author: J. Morgan

Publisher: Champagne Books

Release Date: December 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Candace’s day isn’t going too great. First, it’s her birthday and well, she isn’t too thrilled about turning the big 3-0. She asked her employer for the day off for simple relaxation and some “me” time, but as her luck would have it, several coworkers got food poisoning and she had to take over for them. Next, her best friends’ planned a girls night out, complete with a stripper for Candy, but the stud behind the hotel door isn’t the beefcake the girls were expecting.

Once Candace’s shock settles in, her temper fumes. The entertainment company confused their talent and sent a clown named Ash to her motel and the stripper to a kiddy birthday party. Ready to salvage what could possibly be her last hope for a good day, Candace kidnaps the clown and forces him to take her to find the stripper. Little did she know, that wasn’t the only birthday surprise she’d receive in an evening full of chaos.

CANDY COATED CLOWN is laugh out loud hilarious! Though mean at times, Candace only wanted to have a good birthday, where in return she had anything but. I love the humor the author uses throughout the story. J. Morgan’s storytelling was refreshing and left me anxious to see what happened next in Candace and Ash’s story. I’d give this story a ten if that was possible, but since it’s not, my recommendation will have to do. Everyone who’s ever had a bad day should pick a copy of CANDY COATED CLOWN. It’s one story that is not to be missed!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lacey

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