Cannibury Hill

Author: Amy Mistretta

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sometimes love takes a circuitous route.  It meanders like a winding brook, slowly making its way, velvet in touch, glassy like a mirror.  This is the kind of love that settles in your heart, constantly aching, forever happy.  There are so many mixed emotions that tears and laughter seem to exist as one. It's when our eyes are opened, yet we cannot see.

Sable Cannibury must return home to Pennsylvania , a place she fled rather quickly, saying good-bye to her family and friends.  Leaving meant that others had to take her place on the farm, working long and difficult hours; but her reason for coming home meant something quite terrible.  It meant that her grandmother, a woman she most admired and loved, had passed away. What shocked Sable more than anything was to learn that the farm had been left to her and two of her cousins, Jen and Jake.   


Stepping foot on the soil of Cannibury Hill meant that Sable needed to take leave from her new life in South Carolina, where she was a veterinarian.  Her practice was growing, and a new and exciting addition was happening.  Her dream of having a portable veterinarian practice was about to come true, but now it would have to be put on hold to travel back to the place that only meant heartache to her.


Gage Lawson made returning to the place of her birth even more difficult.  He had been her best friend and her true love.  It was quite a shock to Sable to learn that Gage now worked on the farm.  So many things had changed during the time she had been gone.  Yes, things were different now; everything except her feelings for Gage.  If only she could have changed what happened, maybe, then it would have all worked out for the best.  All that was left now were feelings of unresolved anxiety and a hurt so deep that it clouded her memories.


What Sable doesn't know is the one thing that will change her life, how she views her family, and how she feels about Cannibury Hill. For all of these years, her family has kept a secret that needs to be told in order for Sable to get on with her life.  Everything they had done before she left home had been done with love and good intentions. Unfortunately, not everyone agreed.  There was one person who harbored a deep hatred and disagreed with their decision - her cousin, Jake. He was the one Sable most regretted having to see since now that she was back, he was the one she most feared. Little did she know that she should be scared of someone else, though, someone who wanted her more with each passing year and would stop at nothing to have her.


Gage was still hurting from her long ago departure.  So many things had happened while she had been gone.  His dreams had changed due to circumstances beyond his control, and he never felt quite settled after that fateful day when Sable had said good-bye to Cannibury Hill. His heart still ached with longing, and seeing her again only made it worse.  He had been afraid then and now he was terrified.


Through struggles and moments of despair, feelings of hurt will surface amongst everyone close to Sable.  The truth will be set free and her view of life on the farm will become clear. 


Amy Mistretta has proven that you can go back home again - that home is where the heart is - it's right here in CANNIBURY HILL, a beautifully emotional piece that will touch your heart. She weaves suspense with romance creating a story she should be most proud of. This is her second novel and Ms. Mistretta leaves no doubt in my mind that her writing talents will lead her to dreams unrealized.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Patti Fleishman

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