By Claudette
Sep 7, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Canyon Westmoreland was caught in a compromising situation and his lover, Keisha Ashley, believing herself to be a wronged woman, moved out of town. Now she’s back and Canyon is determined to make her believe that she is the one in the wrong as she didn’t trust him enough to know he would never cheat.  Instead, he finds out that Keisha has been keeping a very big secret from him.

Canyon Westmoreland and Keisha Ashley were on the brink of their happily ever after.  They were in love, sharing their dreams and were moving inevitably towards their future, until Keisha came back early from a trip to find Canyon fresh from a shower, wearing only a towel with a naked woman lying in his bed.  With that kind of damning evidence in front of her eyes, she broke off their relationship and left town.  Now Keisha is back for a short visit and the last person she wants to see is her ex.  Canyon realizes that he is behaving like a stalker, but if the only way he can be around Keisha is from a distance then so be it.  Canyon is alarmed to find that he is not the only person who finds Keisha fascinating, but the other person is threatening her safety, and he cannot ignore that.

I love the way that Canyon cannot get over Keisha.  His love for Keisha is obvious.  His protective instincts are brought to the forefront when Keisha is threatened.  Previously, he was never given the chance to prove his innocence but he refuses to let Keisha go without a fight – even if the fight will be with Keisha’s own stubbornness.

Canyon is the kind of man that Ms. Jackson excels at creating, a man any reader will fall in love with.  While we can sympathize with Keisha's dilemma, we can understand exactly why she fell for Canyon in the first place.  Those Westmoreland men are amazingly singleminded when they lose their hearts - they play for keeps.

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