By CinLee
Jan 2, 2010 - 2:15:26 PM

Lost in the sounds of her I-Pod and the delights of her steaming hot coffee, Julianne was taken completely by surprise when she was suddenly grabbed off the street.  Only after she was thrown in the van and held down did she remember the advice to never allow herself to be dragged to a secondary location.  But her struggles only brought threats raining down over her head.  The only option left to her was to cooperate.


After what seemed like an endless drive, the van pulled to a stop.  Julianne could tell they had left town, but they were still close to the highway.  If she could just make it there, someone would surely help her, she reasoned.  But as if he could read her mind, her captor put a stop to her plans.  The driver of the van seemed more menacing than the man who had her, and she was greatly relieved when he drove away.


She was dragged to his basement where, after ordering her to close her eyes and keep them closed, he removed the bag from over her head, and then replaced it with a leather mask that was locked into place, blocking all light.  Despite her fear, Julianne began to realize this was exactly like a fantasy she had recorded in her journal.  But she had never shared her fantasies with anyone, not even Jess, the man she had been dating for the past few months.


Despite her fear and the fact that she didn’t know who this man was, she couldn’t deny the fact that she was extremely turned on by everything he was doing to her; the restraints, the mask, the spanking, if she didn’t follow orders.  But how would she tell Jess about what had happened?


CAPTURED  is a remarkable story about a woman whose deepest, darkest fantasy came true, despite her fear.  Her entire world is turned upside down.  Once you start this tale, you won’t stop until the very end.





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