Raising Cain Series, Book 3 - Capturing Casey’s Heart

Author: Maggie Casper

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: May 27, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Casey McCain is no stranger to dominant men.  Her four brothers are all protective and demanding but her love and fear of not living up to Jared’s expectations have her running scared.  Sure she knows that ‘vanilla’ sex doesn’t do it for her – that was one of the problems in her failed marriage, but  she isn’t one to follow behind her man unquestionably either – and according to all the websites she’s visited while learning about the D/s lifestyle that is what would be expected.

Jared Calabrese doesn’t know what went wrong in his relationship with Casey.  Everything was going just fine until he presented her with silver anklets, rather than a collar as a symbol of their dynamic relationship, then she called a halt to their relationship.  It’s been three weeks since that fateful day and Jared’s determined to get to the heart of the matter – even if he has to enlist her brothers’ help in order to do so.


With her daughter Autumn spending the summer with her grandparents and father Casey’s home is quiet and empty and provides no distractions from thoughts of Jared and her fears.  While she’s part-owner of the family’s pub Raising Cain, she rarely works there because of her brothers protective natures.  Instead she runs a bakery and catering business out of her home.  She’s more than a little surprised when she gets a phone call from her brother Cash and learns that he wants her to cover the night shift for the next few days and knows that there’s something off about his tone and lack of instructions but she isn’t able to come up with an ulterior motive.  That is, until she walks into Raising Cain and discovers that she’ll be working with Jared.


The devious man has apparently decided to trap her into a confrontation and she’s not about to let him get away with it!  Oh sure he still excites her like no other ever has but she believes a relationship between them is doomed to failure since she isn’t going to be obedient or subservient at all times.  What she doesn’t realize is that every D/s relationship is different and Jared already considers her perfect in every way.  Now it’s up to Jared to convince her to listen – and if it means handcuffing her to the bar then so be it!  Jared’s playing for keeps; he just needs to convince Casey to trust him when he says he doesn’t want her to change – especially not to fit some submissive stereotypical mold.


CAPTURING CASEY’S HEART is the latest addition to Maggie Casper’s RAISING CAIN series.  Casey’s willingness to embrace life and everything it has to offer really endeared her to me so it seemed a bit out of character for her to panic over being offered a more permanent relationship with Jared.  The love Casey and Jared share is a pivotal point throughout each captivating scene of this story.  Ms. Casper infuses humor, emotional distress, scorching sex, love and plenty of family interference in CAPTURING CASEY’S HEART so that readers will be able to identify with the characters and their reactions. 


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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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