Capturing Paris

Author: Katharine Davis

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date: May 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Annie Reed is a delightful woman who has always been the foundation of her family.   When her child leaves home and her husband loses his job, she feels all alone in the world.  Her biggest dream has always been to have her poetry published.  One day she meets an exotic woman who connects her with a publisher.  Although Annie is very happy to be working on a project with the publisher, she finds herself immensely attracted to him. 

When her husband, Wesley, comes home one day and informs her they will be moving back to the United States because he found a job in a firm, Annie finds her life being turned upside down.  She does not want to leave Paris and resents her husband for not discussing his decision with her first.  Annie then finds out about Wesley’s betrayal and decides it is time to live her own life in Paris.


Will Annie and Wesley throw away a marriage because of pride and selfishness?  Or will they realize their love is worth saving when a tragedy hits their family?


CAPTURING PARIS is a sweet romance that a lot of women will be able to relate to.  Ms. Davis does a beautiful job penning a tale of betrayal and the life altering changes that affect a marriage.  The characters are poignant and the plot is intriguing.   Annie and Wesley are two strong characters that have forgotten that marriage is a two way street and they need to compromise to hold on to the love they started with.  The secondary characters are vibrant and add a lot of authenticity to the story.  CAPTURING PARIS is well written and the imagery is so well done, you will feel like you are experiencing every emotion and scenery along with the characters.   



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Billie Jo

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