Cardinal’s Rule
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 27, 2012 - 9:58:06 AM

Tilly Cardinal’s whole life has been thrown totally off kilter by Chris, her Master’s, disappearance.  With no explanation, just a note releasing her as his slave and paperwork signing over all his assets to her.  His abandonment could have destroyed her, and it almost did, instead she reinvents herself as Mistress Cardinal.  She’s now a pro Domme with no shortage of men willing to do her bidding and be punished for the privilege. 

Landy LaCroux is furious with his submissive and Tilly is a key element in achieving his goal of punishing his sub.  He’s not out to hurt Tilly, but his slave desperately needs the sort of punishment only Mistress Cardinal can dish out.  That is if he can convince her to help him with his slave’s training which she might not be so willing to do once she learns that Landy’s slave is none other than her former Master, Chris.


Landry had no knowledge that Chris had abandoned his own submissive when he came to be with him – and he’s certainly not happy about Chris’s actions.  He feels that his slave is in need of serious punishment – and who better to dish out that punishment than the very woman he abandoned.  Before letting Mistress Cardinal meet with Chris and deal with him in her own fashion, Landry discusses the situation with Tilly himself.  He explains how he learned of Chris’s betrayal and his own personal situation that lead him to the decision to enlist her help. 


Landry confesses to Tilly that he’s got cancer but hasn’t told Chris yet.  He’s so angry with Chris that he isn’t even referring to him by his name; however he does know he needs to make amends to her for his slave’s actions so he has a proposition for her.  In exchange for agreeing to marry him, Landry is prepared to pay her two hundred thousand dollars for every year they stay married – and if he dies while they’re married she will become his sole heir.  Tilly agrees to his proposal but she has a few stipulations of her own.  The marriage will not be in name only like Landry suggests and she won’t tolerate him trying to be her Master, Dom or Top.  She also demands that Landry and Chris move in with her while he’s going through treatment.  After all she went to nursing school and knows how to care for him. 


Tilly can’t deny that she is attracted to Landry so maybe the marriage won’t be a bad thing but having Chris there as well could be difficult to handle.  What she doesn’t expect is to be able to forgive Chris and accept his place in her and Landry’s life.  She certainly didn’t expect to be happy living with them under CARDINAL’S RULE.


Tymber Dalton blew me away with THE RELUCTANT DOM so I was excited to get my hands on a copy of CARDINAL’S RULE.  While this book isn’t nearly as emotionally overwhelming, it is very good with lots of humor and shocking scenes guaranteed to keep readers glued to the ‘pages.’  Landry’s harsh treatment of Chris bothered me at first but it’s obvious he was very upset by what Chris had done to Tilly and felt the transgression was as close to unforgiveable as you can get.  Tilly’s devastation over Chris’s betrayal really broke my heart and I was easily able to identify with her rage over his reappearance.  Of course, I adored her friends and got a huge chuckle out of their idea for how to make Chris suffer – as well as Landry’s response.  CARDINAL’S RULE is a captivating story full of passion, angst, revenge, humor, and plenty of heart.  It’s certainly a powerful read well worth picking up if you enjoy BDSM stories.


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