Caribbean Charade
By Tasha Lewis
Oct 24, 2003 - 11:30:00 AM

Clanci Sutton is recovering from a relationship that has left her insecure. After committing everything to Stan, her ex, Clanci finds herself at loose ends. Until her best friend decides it is time for Clanci to get on with her life and what better way than a Caribbean cruise? Clanci had no idea she would run into Stan and his new girlfriend on the same cruise. Talk about a cruel twist of fate. After Clanci blurts she is with her fiancé, she has no choice but to find one. Jared Hollister is the perfect man to show Stan how over him she is.

Jared Hollister is not a long-term relationship kind of man. He doesn’t want or need any intimate entanglements. He likes his solitary life. He likes his work. That is enough for him. So why has he agreed to pretend to be someone’s fiancé? He is sure he has just jumped into a “I Love Lucy” episode. Jared may have just jumped in deeper than he ever planned.
This book had my rapt attention from the first word. The story telling is superb and flowed with a quick rhythm making it a one sitting read for me. I love romance that pulls you into the story with the characters, and won’t let you go. This is the book to do it.
The author’s descriptive power is outstanding. This is a masterfully written story for any age that will have you laughing, yelling, crying and sighing, wishing the story hadn’t ended. This book is a keeper to reread over and over again.

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