Caring for his Babies

Author: Lilian Darcy

Publisher: Harlequin Mills & Boon

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Sydney, Australia


Pediatrician Keelan Hunter is now a father.  His half-sister tragically died in childbirth leaving two precious and premature infants.  Tam and Tavie are hanging on to life with all the strength their tiny bodies can manage.  And, Keelan feels he is the most qualified and able to take care of them.  But, he does need help, so he hires Jessica Russell, a woman experienced in caring for premature babies


Jessie moves into Keelan's magnificent home to begin her new position.  As the babies struggle for life, Jessie falls more deeply in love with them.  The stronger of the twins is the sister, Tavie.  The brother, Tam must stay in the hospital until he is strong enough for surgery.  He is having a much harder time, but Jessie and Keelan's attention and love to the youngster are visibly improving his stability.

As Jessie and Keelan spend more time together, their attraction to each other is growing.  Both fight their feelings, because once the babies no longer need intensive care, Jessie will be leaving.  Will the doctor and nurse discover love together with each other and the twin babies?  Or will tragedy befall them?

Lilian Darcy has created an emotionally gripping love story that will capture your heart.  The storyline is engaging, and I fell completely in love with all of the characters.  Even though I know very little of the medical field, I really enjoyed this book.  The medical terms were well described, and it didn't make me feel ignorant.  This is my first book by Ms. Darcy, and I plan to scour the bookstores for more of her works of art!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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