Carissa’s Surrender (Shared Desires, Book 3)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 13, 2014 - 4:02:23 AM

Carissa Randall’s proud of all her accomplishments.  Gaining the prestigious position of being a partner at a major law firm at the age of twenty-seven is nothing to sneeze at, yet she’s lonely.  Not even the knowledge that she has her roommate Sebastian to come to has helped to ease that ache – especially now that Sebastian has found a lover.  All her hopes and dreams that he might someday see her as the ‘woman of his dreams’ have been for naught.

Sebastian Hartwell is the head chef at his own Italian bistro and while he does love his best friend Carissa, he’s never denied his gay tendencies.  His family rejected him when he came out of the closet but Carissa has stood firmly by his side through everything – including his new romance with Gavin Sanborn.  What Carissa doesn’t know is that Sebastian isn’t exactly gay – he’s bisexual… and he and Gavin desperately want to transform their twosome love fest into a threesome – with her.


Carissa’s always felt perfectly comfortable coming home and stripping down to her underwear for the evening.  Sebastian’s gay so it’s not like her partial nudity would turn him on or anything (she wishes it would, but reality is what it is).  You can imagine her surprise when instead of Sebastian waiting for her to get home one evening, it’s Gavin who greets her in the dining room and confronts her regarding her true feelings for Sebastian.  Of course, she denies everything, but deep down inside she’s insidiously jealous of what the men share.  Her attempts at keeping her love for Sebastian (and growing attachment to Gavin) hidden are put to the test when a convict she helped put behind bars escapes and Gavin becomes her bodyguard at Sebastian’s insistence.  It’s the beginning of Carissa’s seduction and ultimately her surrender.


Promisingly sexy and naughty is the best way to describe CARISSA’S SURRENDER.  Carissa and Sebastian have been best friends for a very long time so it’s hard to imagine they would have changed the status quo on their own.  Throw in a determined Dom and things are bound to get interesting, especially considering that Carissa had no clue that the men are bisexual and definitely interested in her.  I really enjoyed how all the characters in this story relate to each other and the hint of sexual tension throughout the entire storyline definitely kept me reading eagerly to find out what might happen next.  Altogether I found CARISSA’S SURRENDER to be an enticing read, though would have loved to visit with this trio much longer.


CARISSA’S SURRENDER is the third title in Gina Duncan’s SHARED DESIRES series, but don’t worry if you haven’t read the other titles yet, this can easily be read as a stand-alone.  However, the other titles would add more background information about Gavin and Sebastian’s relationship so I’d recommend checking them out as well. 

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