Carly: Women of Ivy Manor, Book Four
By Sherri Myers
Apr 8, 2006 - 5:00:00 PM

Carly Lorraine Sinclair is a seventeen-year-old high school graduate who decides to do something daring that will cause her to face her fears head-on.  Having been raised in a wealthy family with an overbearing mother, Carly feels as if she has lost herself somewhere in her mom's shadow.  Instead of going to college like her mom had planned for her to do, Carly instead enlists in the army and heads off to boot camp.

Determined to succeed in the army, Carly quickly learns she must work hard to overcome the insecurities she is held prisoner by.  She meets a handsome Southern boy named Bowie Jenkins when she is assigned to a transportation unit in the Midwest after graduation from basic training. Carly excels at her job and is sent overseas to Saudi Arabia with her unit to aid the soldiers fighting the war against Saddam Hussein's forces.


As they work together along with the entire unit to fight the enemy, Carly and Bowie begin to have feelings for each other.  But then the unthinkable happens and Carly is seriously wounded.  More concerned for her friends than herself, Carly wonders what has happened to Bowie and the others in the desert sands of Saudi Arabia?  Has Bowie survived the attack that almost took her own life?


Each novel in the Ivy Manor series is able to stand nicely alone, but it's best to read them in order to learn the full history behind each successive story.  Lyn Cote does a good job of providing enough details about the prior women to enable readers of CARLY to enjoy it separately. 


CARLY is the story of the youngest female of Ivy Manor and her quest to experience freedom without her mother's rigid control.  Carly does a lot of growing up during boot camp and finds her faith, once lukewarm, now being strengthened as she comes face to face with her fears.  Hidden secrets kept for generations are finally exposed to the sun, and Carly learns the truth about her long lost father.  She also experiences the sweetness of her first true love during the course of her stay in Saudi Arabia.  The personal wars each woman has fought and successfully won will capture the readers' hearts.  This reviewer was pleased to have been taken along on the journey each woman took on the path to peace and love, and I hope others will also decide to come along with us.


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