Carnal Compromise
By Chrissy
Dec 10, 2011 - 12:44:13 PM

Joe and Brent’s relationship is extremely complicated.  Technically Joe works for Brent but they’re more like best friends with an underlying sexual tension that Brent is determined to ignore.  Realistically, they know it’s inevitable that they’ll end up sleeping together but they also know it will change everything between them.  While Brent doesn’t do love at all, Joe’s only qualifications in a lover is that they don’t expect anything beyond the sexual encounter.   

Traditionally custom farming crews are a male dominated occupation but AJ Pender’s changed all that – and put a real monkey wrench in their operation since Brent decided to have her bunk with him and Joe rather than with the other hands.  AJ is no stranger to hard work.  She grew up working her father’s farm and dreams of having her own farm someday.  In the meantime she satisfies herself with her fantasies of Brent and Joe.  After all, she knows they’d never be interested in her because they only have eyes for each other – or so she thinks.  


Brent and Joe have fought their desire for AJ as long as they can.  It’s time to clue her in to their intense longing for her.  What they don’t expect is to find her pleasuring herself while wearing one of Joe’s dirty shirts but that just reinforces their decision to convince her to become their lover.  It seems like a simple proposition but because of the tenuous relationship between Brent and Joe it’s far more complicated than any of them anticipated.  They all have something in their past that makes their coming together a trying ordeal.  There’s no doubt that there’s love between them but bearing their hopes, dreams, fears and heartbreaks could either destroy them or bring them closer together. 


CARNAL COMPROMISE surprised me by coupling raw sexual tension with fierce emotional angst.  Farming is hard, dirty and dangerous work and the author does an amazing job depicting that while still showing the satisfaction one finds at the end of each day.  Of course when you work that hard your playtime should be just as satisfying and Brent and Joe are very good at playing.  I have to confess I was a little shocked at their antics but I also found them quite arousing – especially when AJ agrees to join in.  What really endeared this book to my heart are the characters’ personal turmoils which brought tears to my eyes.   Robin L. Rotham does an amazing job bringing these characters to life so that readers can feel an emotional connection to them.  CARNAL COMPROMISE is a novel that will capture all your emotions – including making you laugh out loud and cry and everything in between. 

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