Carolina Home
By Sarah W
Jul 11, 2012 - 8:00:00 AM

Allison Carter is new to Dare Island but she is ready to explore and perhaps, call it home. She is concerned with one of her students, Josh, and his lack of participation in class. When she tries to talk to Josh’s dad, Matt Fletcher, they do not get off on the right foot. They sit down with some beer and some straight talk has them back on an even path, but also one that is filled with complicated attraction.

Matt Fletcher is a straightforward man. He captains a fishing boat, raises his sixteen-year-old son, Josh, and he helps his family. And his family, particularly his brother, Luke, needs his help. Luke has just discovered he has a ten-year-old daughter, Taylor, who has lost her mother. Luke has to head back to Afghanistan so he asks Matt to watch over Taylor and Matt cannot say no to family. But that just adds another level of complication in his attraction to Allison who is a caring woman. She’s a dedicated teacher and passionate about her students but has never really felt at home anywhere. Dare Island may just finally be that place for her and part of its appeal is Matt Fletcher.

CAROLINA HOME is the first book in Virginia Kantra’s DARE ISLAND series and it is utterly wonderful. Allison has had a lot of advantages in life but she is very aware of the hardships life offers for her students. She has a kind and generous heart but she also does not let others take advantage of her. Allison was a great mix of intelligence and emotion, a woman I could fully respect. Matt is also fabulous. He has raised his son, helped his parents, and done all he can to make up for the fact that Josh’s mother is out of his life. These are both two individuals who give as much of themselves as they can. They come from different backgrounds, something Matt is particularly sensitive to, but they have more in common than he wants to acknowledge. There is a lot of heartache in this novel. It is not your typical, small town cutesy story. This is a book with serious issues and filled with a community that has its downs as much as its ups. I am incredibly anxious to return to Dare Island. CAROLINA HOME took me away to a different place as I got to explore beautiful Dare Island through the eyes of Allison, through Matt’s hard working hands, and through its rich pirate history, adding another touch of whimsy to this story. Virginia Kantra, you have made CAROLINA HOME a story I want to revisit again and again.

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