Carolina Isle

Author: Jude Deveraux

Publisher: Pocket Books

Release Date: 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons

Format: PRINT

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Sara Jane Johnson has lived her life away from her parents’ hometown.  Away from the people who scoffed at her father for being poor.  She’s worked for everything she’s gotten, including her college education.  She is now employed by a man who could be the poster child for Workaholics Anonymous.  R.J. Brompton’s life is his work and he depends on her to take care of everything else in his life.

Ariel Weatherly was the cousin who grew up in Arundel, North Carolina, as the only child of wealthy parents.  She was home schooled and has been groomed, so her mother thinks, to marry well and to the very person her mother has chosen for her, David Tredwell.  It would be a marriage of wealth.  Ariel tolerates David but she doesn’t love him.


On a trip she took with her mother to New York, Ariel meets R.J. and decides that she has to have him.  She and Sara have corresponded for a long time.  Ariel puts what she thinks is a foolproof plan into motion.  She and Sara will change places.  Only the girls and David know what they’re doing.


The world that Ariel envisions becomes unraveled and turns quite deadly when R.J. comes to North Carolina to visit King’s Isle.  He’s been talked into looking at it for potential investment opportunities for a friend.  Ariel and Sarah accompany him to the island and bring David along for the ride. 


They’ve not been on the island very long when they’re thrown in jail for running over and killing a dog.  The charges are trumped, of course, but they’ve no way off the island, all their possessions have been confiscated.  They’re now at the mercy of the island inhabitants and bogus judicial system.


What will they do?  Will they be able to escape the trumped-up charges and leave the island?  Will R.J. come to love Ariel as she supposedly loves him?  Do yourself a favor and read this.


Arundel is not your typical little southern town, but neither is King’s Isle.  Nothing is as it seems.  From the first page until the end, I could not put this book down.  I love a good suspense and I really liked the premise of this one as well as the many characters who helped flesh in the story.


It’s a definite keeper.  If you read too quickly to find out who did what and to whom, you’ll want to take a second look to catch all the little innuendos and clues or two you missed.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Claudia McRay

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