Carolina Man ( Dare Island Novel- Book 3)
By Suzie Housley
Jun 20, 2014 - 5:28:42 AM

Marine Staff Sergeant Luke Fletcher had spent the past ten years in the military serving his country.  In Afghanistan, he receives a letter that turns his life upside down.  He learns that a former girlfriend had died, and claimed in his will that he was the father of her ten year old daughter, Taylor.

He immediately requests emergency leave to go and find the daughter that he never knew existed.  His daughter’s attorney Kate Dolan knows how it feels to be raised by a military family.  She hopes that Luke will give up his parental rights and allow the grandparents to raise Taylor. 

When Kate meets Luke, she is surprised to see that he does not fit the controlling alpha male that she imaged him to be; instead she finds a kind and caring person who wants what is best for his daughter. 

Will Luke walk away from his military career to become a full time father?

CAROLINA Man (DARE ISLAND NOVEL – BOOK 3) is a heartwarming novel.  The circumstances that bring Kate and Luke together are the substance that makes for a true blue romance novel.  I was highly impressed with Virginia Kantra’s writing style.  She knows how to write a story that will wrap its way around your heart. 

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