Caron’s Craving: The Nine of Swords
By Chrissy Dionne
May 10, 2009 - 2:14:23 PM

After turning up the Nine of Swords card three separate times in as many Tarot readings Caron is well prepared for the fallout of Alex’s leaving.  Fortunately his reaction involved messing up her home and an insulting ad in the local weekly where he serves as the editor in chief.  Caron became involved with Alex during a low point in her life when she was desperate for an income, but it became apparent soon after they began sharing a bed that sex with Alex was a huge mistake.

Alex enjoys a unique sort of kink that Caron finds particularly degrading but ending their relationship is difficult.  With the bank’s threats over her being behind on her mortgage payments she desperately needs the income from a series of articles she’s writing for the weekly paper, Sand Dune – and Alex has the power to ‘fire’ her. 


Her salvation comes in the form of a letter from a New York publisher.  Her cookbook has been accepted and the advance will be enough for her to survive on for quite some time.  As expected Alex doesn’t take well to the news and creates quite a scene before leaving her home and Caron isn’t even fully aware of the scheme Alex has been running yet.


Caron’s more than a little surprised by a visit from Sam Bering of Coast County Investigations.  She assumes that he’s there to talk to her about the house and since she’s now current on the payments isn’t too badly concerned.  It isn’t until Sam mentions that he’s investigating some financial transactions involving Alex that Caron becomes worried.  What could she possibly have to do with Alex’s banking issues?  It seems that some huge payments have made their way to Caron’s bank and were then withdrawn a day later.  Sam is extremely attracted to Caron but the situation and several comments he’s made have her very uncomfortable – and undeniably turned on.


CARON’S CRAVING is a fast paced naughty read.  There’s very little build up to the sexual scenes and they’re plentiful and raunchy enough to titillate any reader who’s looking for a little something unexpected in a storyline.  Things really heat up when we’re introduced to Caron’s best friend Jessi, who happens to be a dominatrix.  C. D. Conejo is an author who isn’t afraid to take risks with her writing.  She incorporates taboo situations, shocking sex scenes and a bit of whimsical characteristics so that you’re never quite sure what to expect when you pick up one of her books.

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