Cassandra's Conflict
By Amanda Haffery
Apr 1, 2008 - 5:23:33 PM

When Cassandra accepts the position of nanny to Baron von Ritter's two little girls, she really has no idea what she's getting herself into. Cassandra finds herself strangely attracted to the man of the house. Unfortunately, she has no idea that she is just a pawn in a game created by the baron and his witch of a fiancée. As delicious as the games are, Cassandra is worried about this strange turn her life has taken. Is this just a never-ending game to the Dieter, or does he have actual feelings for her? Cassandra is definitely about to discover dark and mysterious happenings in this home—within her body and with the residents themselves—games that she will never forget!

Dieter von Ritter loves to be in control of his little games. His newest pawn, the "nanny" Cassandra has been his best pick of students yet. Dieter hates to be bored and he loves hard core bedroom play. Even his fiancée, Katya is able to get into it. Katya doesn't mind Dieter playing with other people, as long as it's clear that he belongs to her. Dieter is ready to upset the balance, however, with the delectable Cassandra. Let the games begin!


CASSANDRA'S CONFLICT is without a doubt the most erotically enticing story I have ever had the pleasure to read. I was transported to a phenomenal world of kinky bedroom play and a home filled with both good and evil. The characters were delightfully insane. I hated Katya—she was rude, cruel and manipulative—a perfect villainess. I could entirely empathize with Cassandra's feelings for Dieter. She comes from a broken marriage where she was made to believe that she was frigid. In Dieter's arms, she finds untold passion and pleasure. The depths to her sexuality that she discovers will leave you trembling. Dieter is very enigmatic—while he can be cruel and unforgiving at times, he also has this part of him that cries out to be held and loved. I can wholly understand why CASSANDRA'S CONFLICT was reprinted five times the first year it was in print. The storyline is gripping, the characters are compelling and the sex scenes were mind-blowingly surreal earning CASSANDRA'S CONFLICT top marks from this reader!

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