Cassie's Hope - Riders Up, Book 1

Author: Adriana Kraft

Publisher: B&B Publishing

Release Date: October 28, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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CASSIE'S HOPE takes us between the city, country and rural settings as we follow Cassie O'Hanlon and her horse, Cassie's Hope, to different racing locations.  There's also a mystery or two at play in addition to the romance between Cassie and rancher/trainer, Clint Travers, who is half Ute and has a lot of pride and honor that keeps others at bay.

Kraft's CASSIE'S HOPE (RIDERS UP, BOOK 1) has lots of chemistry between Cassie and Clint that heats up the bed and the pages.  There is also a large family presence - Clint's two children, Sammy and Lester, his sister, mom and grandmother but also Cassie's dad and her mom who disappeared when Cassie was young. The family ties had a strong hold on the storyline and it was shown how deeply each of them cared for their family members and the role they played in their upbringing, lives and their actions. We are immersed in a lot of Indian lore especially because of Clint's grandmother.  Her name for Cassie was Fire Woman and it was endearing how big a role she played in the family but also gave reasons for why Clint and the others acted the way they did. There were friends, ranchers and racehorses, trainers and different settings and the story tugged at several emotions as I read - laughter, happiness, tears, sadness, anger, angst and elation.  The words formed pictures in my mind due to the vivid descriptions of the land, the horses, the track and the ranches. 

The romance played out nicely and there was closure by the end of the book, especially with the epilogue, but I'm happy to note since this is the first book in the series we will get to meet up with them again. The prologue, while a nice touch, was a little too short since I didn't realize the first chapter started the minute I turned the page.  There was a lot of dirty talk that didn't seem to fit either of them and that along with the errors with missing words and grammar errors detracted from the story.

This is the first book in the RIDERS UP SERIES and I look forward to reading the others.  Kraft is a new to me author and I hope to read some of her other books and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they have less errors in them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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