Castaway Cove - Shelter Bay series, book 6
By Diana S
Aug 1, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Mac Culhane is a dad who came home from Afghanistan to find that his wife is leaving him and their daughter behind for her career. Mac moves his daughter Emma and himself to Shelter Bay to live with Mac’s father. Mac becomes a midnight DJ on the local radio station and settles in to raise his daughter.

Annie Shepherd is a woman brought up in the foster child system who has never had a family of her own. After a devastating divorce, Annie decides to move to Shelter Bay, a place she remembers from the one happy time in her childhood. Annie opens a scrapbooking store and makes friends with some of the other women in town.

When Mac moves to Shelter Bay, he has totally given up on ever having a relationship again. Then one day when he went to see his grandfather, Mac literally runs into the woman of his dreams. Annie and Mac exchange some harsh words and figure that will be the end of that.

Then one night Mac gets a call on his radio show from a woman named Sandy and it changes their whole lives. The entire town knows who Sandy really is before Mac figures out it is Annie from the scrapbooking store that his daughter loves to go to. Since neither Annie nor Mac wants a relationship, they decide to be friends. Will they be satisfied with that or will all Annie’s friends think she needs to take it to the next step?

With some small town high-jinx and their gossip network to keep everyone on top of the whole affair, this story becomes a laugh-filled roller coaster ride about two people trying to stay away from each other while the town is pushing them together. I loved this book as much as, if not more, than the first five in this series. I laughed, cried and finally sighed at how everything ends up. If you haven’t read this series, you are missing out on another great small town and its cast of characters. Highly recommended for romance lovers of any ilk.

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