By Briana Burress
Dec 1, 2005 - 5:16:00 PM

The past couple of months have been a complete hell for Katie Davis.  She lost her job last week, because her ex-husband wouldn’t quit stalking her.  Even worse, on her dad’s birthday, two months ago, her mom, dad, and sister were all three killed in an automobile accident.


Katie is terrified of water, but her good friend Jenise convinces her to come to her private resort The Playground for some much needed rest and relaxation.  She is now clinging to the railing of a yacht, watching an approaching storm wishing that she never boarded it.  Her eyes come upon a gorgeous man whose stare gives off the kind of heat that makes her body flush.  Behind him a second sinfully luscious hunk appears and seems to be eyeing her for further enjoyment.  The storm becomes deadly and Katie finds herself suddenly clinging to Den’s arms. 

Katie suddenly wakes up with a pounding headache, discovers she is lying on a beach, and staring at the most beautiful eyes of a man who is possessively holding her hands.  Den introduces himself and his friend Mike to her, but she can’t remember her name or anything else for that matter, so they decide to call her Sirena for now.  Den and Mike have shared many women at the Playground, but he knew from the start that she was special and lets Mike know that she is his.  Sirena feels very safe in the company of these two strangers as they spend the next couple of days getting to know each other.  No longer able to fight the heat that is coming from these very sexy men, Sirena anxiously surrenders and becomes the sexual slave to these luscious Domme’s.  Was she a submissive before she lost her memory? 

Sirena’s week of heaven with Den and Mike is brought to abrupt end when they are finally rescued and brought to the Playground.  Will she still want to be part of their lives when she gets her memory back?

CASTAWAYS is an erotically charged story that will have your juices on fire from the start as you experience the explicit pleasures Den and Mike show Sirena.  Cheyenne McCray will have your eyes glued to each fiery page that is sexually explicit and not for the faint of heart as Den takes possession of his soul mate.  

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