Casting About
By Evelyn
Jan 23, 2011 - 7:05:32 PM

Monica is settling into married life and happily taking over her mother’s knitting shop in the resort island town of Cedar Key.  But going from honeymoon to motherhood may be more than she can handle when her husband unexpectedly gets sole custody of his eight-year-old daughter.  Becoming Clarissa’s mother is more than she bargained for, but in a town like Cedar Key, no one has to go it alone.  Monica’s friends and family jump in to help wherever possible, and soon Monica’s family is as close knit as any family could be.  But are they strong enough to cope with the snags and twists in the road ahead?

Terri DuLong is an outstanding author.  The characters are as finely drawn as any book I’ve read.  The relationship between Monica and Clarissa is realistic and flawed, fragile and loving.  I can’t wait to read more about the quirky community of Cedar Key.  Even the island is a character; the idyllic setting is exactly the home everyone wishes to live in.  


CASTING ABOUT is the follow up to the highly successful SPINNING FORWARD.  I highly recommend reading the two in order.  I read CASTING ABOUT first, and while it stands alone as a great book, it does give away all the twists of the first.  Here’s hoping for a third installment to this wonderful series!

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