Casually Cursed
By Carol
May 3, 2015 - 3:36:23 PM

Kimberly Frost really outdid herself with Casually Cursed. Casually Cursed is the first book I've read from the Souther Witch series. After reading it, I went and got the whole series. Job well done, Kimberly Frost.

Tammy Jo is just your average young adult, except she's a witch. Her life seems to be on track. She just got engaged to a Lawyer/Wizard Bryn Lyons. Then she's reunited with the twin sister she never knew she had, Kismet. Kismet was kidnapped as a baby, and taken to the Never by the Fae. Instead of a happy and joyful reunion, Kismet comes with some troubling news. Marlee, their mother is being held as a prisoner by the Seelie Fae Queen. Tammy Jo must save her mother. However, she won't be going alone. Bryn, Zach (Tammy Jo's ex husband), and Aunt Edie all insist on going with her. When confronted by the Conclave, the main WAM headquarters, things get even trickier for Tammy Jo. As if that isn't enough, someone very close to Tammy Jo has their own hidden agenda and reasons for insisting on going into the Never with her. Can Tammy Jo save her mother and be sure everyone makes it out of the Never alive?

Casually Cursed has all of the makings of an amazing Paranormal Novel. If you like Sookie Stackhouse, then you're going to love not only Casually Cursed, but the whole Southern Witch series. I breezed through Casually Cursed in just one sitting. Once you read one Southern Witch novel, you'll have to read the rest! So save yourself the trouble, and pick up the whole series.

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