By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2006 - 11:58:00 PM

Veronica has been evicted due to her cat's supposed vindictiveness against the landlord. Since acquiring Sebastian, she'd moved several times. Obviously, if there is a prince out there for her he'd lost her address. With her thirtieth birthday coming up, if she's going to have the white picket fence and home of her home she's going to have to provide it for herself. She might as well settle into spinsterhood, she already has the cat.

Scott lives next door to the house that Veronica has bought. He's the last bachelor left in his group of friends, having gone from getting wedding announcements to birth announcements. His mother is practically drooling at the idea of the grandchildren he isn't providing her. Now he's wondering if he's spent too long messing with Ms. Right Now and Ms. Right passed him right by. Until he spots his newest neighbor and realizes Ms. Right just moved in, then he begins to worry that maybe his Ms. Right didn't wait around for him.

The morning after moving into her new home, Veronica finds herself desperate for a caffeine jolt that only fresh brewed coffee could provide. However, the coffee bean grinder has mysteriously disappeared and she doesn't have a hammer to smash the beans with, so Veronica finds herself standing on her neighbor's porch ready to beg for help getting her caffeine fix. When the ultra sexy Scott answers the door, she discovers that like her, he is not a morning person and can't function without a morning cup of coffee either. While sharing a morning cup of coffee, Scott and Veronica engage in the normal getting to know you question and answer session with lots of sexual overtones. Since Veronica can't cook at all, Scott offers to teach her since it's something he enjoys. Secretly, he's plotting to weasel his way into her heart by having her at his "cooking classes" each night. He already knows just by the delicious way she was looking at him that she wants him, but he's decided that he wants her for more than one night, and that will require seduction. However, Scott has yet to meet his competition in the form of Veronica's man-hating-cat, Sebastian.

CATALYST had me laughing out loud over the antics of Sebastian in all his territorial male glory. I could easily picture this mangy tomcat acting like the lord and master over Veronica and running off any men that come into the vicinity. Veronica's obsession over the need for coffee and the loss of the coffee bean grinder is what initially brings Veronica and Scott together, but a mutual need for each other keeps them coming back. Veronica secretly desires a caveman approach, and Scott wants to deliver a caveman approach but goes for the gentle seducer in the hopes of obtaining Veronica's heart as well as her libido. Charlene Teglia's CATALYST is fast paced, a pleasure to read, and will have you smiling through to the end.

All funds raised by the sell of this book go directly to Hurricane Katrina relief.

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