Catch Me If You Can
By Katie
Apr 1, 2010 - 12:02:44 PM

Caesar Romano works for peanuts as an art assistant at the Peter Stuhlmann Gallery. He's in charge of an event showcasing the sculpted works of Jean Luc Pappineau, specifically busts of pop icons like Timberlake and Derek Jeter. Caesar especially wants to impress Mallory Albright of the Albright Gallery of Fine Art because he knows her assistant is going to give notice and Caesar would love nothing more than to take over the job and make more money.

The night goes downhill fast when Caesar's former lover, who is still in the closet, Shep McNamara, comes waltzing in with a bad spray-on bad that if the lights were turned off, he would glow in the dark. Caeser and Shep didn't end on the best of terms. Shep is an actor who's about to hit it big on television and must act straight.


Caesar can barely keep it together and almost chokes to death on an olive that he swallows the wrong way, while he chugs down a martini. All he wants is for the night to go off without a hitch and to sell Jean Luc's very strange, but expensive art. When a detective, with a great looking five o'clock shadow, by the name of Dan Green corners Caesar and asks him some very intrusive questions, Caesar is fed up and ready to throw in the towel.


The next morning, Caesar goes back to the gallery and finds a whole slew of problems. A passed out and hung over naked Shep is lying on the bathroom floor and the fifteen thousand dollar bust of Justin Timberlake has gone missing. Detective Dan starts poking his nose around and it irks Caesar beyond belief. Caesar has no choice but to join Dan in his investigation. Not only does he find out that his boss has a secret clown fetish, but people are being blackmailed left and right by the possible thief. Everyone around him are not what they seem, including Dan.


Caesar wants to be left alone, but Dan won't let him. Shep also keeps bothering him, so he won't spill his alternate lifestyle, which could destroy his career. As Caesar and Dan get closer to the truth, they find themselves in some sticky situations, such as hiding under the bed so they aren't caught and engaging in a little hanky panky, which makes Caesar uncomfortable. But at the same time, it leaves him aching for Dan's touch. Caesar just wants a normal life with enough money so he can finally move out of his grandmother's house. But first, he has to catch the criminal responsible for all this heartache.


CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is a laugh a minute, frantic, loopy mystery tale with a great New York City feel. LB Gregg really can write fun and exciting characters that are almost soap-opera-like in their description. My mouth dropped a few times because I couldn't believe the out of control situation Caesar falls into. His reactions and thoughts had me in stitches because half the time he looks like he's going to have a nervous breakdown.


Whereas Caesar is a bit flighty and emotional, Dan is mysterious and laid back. They have great banter back and forth, and the love scenes between them are very steamy. LB Gregg has such a great way of building up the attraction between these two that when they finally make love, it is everything and more.


CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is very much like a screwball comedy where you'll be turning each page in anticipation to see what happens next. LB Gregg has written a book that's a rousing good time and the perfect start to a new, much welcomed series.

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