Catch Me if You Can
By Nickie Langdon
Jul 16, 2007 - 10:22:51 AM

Emma and Lenny were partners with the police in Melbourne until the night Lenny was shot. She’s blamed herself all these years for not being more aware of what was happening and preventing him from getting shot. He almost died as a result of the shooting and she’s not talked to him since.

Guilt is a deadly thing when it’s left to fester. Emma thinks that Lenny has avoided her all this time and Lenny doesn’t know that she tried to get in touch with him before she left the country.


Emma left home not too long after that horrible night. She moved to Los Angeles and became a PI. Eventually she moved from that work to become the head of security in a club founded by a fellow Aussie. When she discovers that Lenny will be visiting the club and checking out the security, etc., she begins to put a plan in motion to exact her revenge on him.


Lenny’s love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude is about to get a kink put in it. Emma has every intention of proving to him that you can mix business and pleasure. She’s reinvented herself to attract him and she’s not about to let him go.


Rose Middleton has written a wonderful story of love lost and found again even if only one of the parties involved knows it to be true. Lenny is put through his paces, left unnerved by the whole experience and then returns home when his work is done.


There’s some mischief going on from another source and he’s determined that Emma will be his. The tension is fantastic and the angst on both parts will keep you on the edge of your seat. Both parties will do a lot of soul searching and ask questions they didn’t ask four years ago. You’ll be surprised at what they discover. Not everything is as plain as it seems. For some things, you have to dig deeper.


This is a must read.

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