Catch of The Day
By Billie Jo
Jun 5, 2006 - 7:20:00 AM


Pam Greenley owns a floral shop in the small town of Serenity Falls, PA.  Things go from bad to worse when Michael shows up in her shop.  She has always loved Michael, but will never allow him to hurt her again.  Michael is a successful businessman in Chicago and has currently written a book.  When he returns to his hometown for a wedding, he figures it would be no big deal to see Pam.  Only he received the shock of his life when he discovered the scorching passion between them still burns intensely.  Will Pam and Michael finally let their love for each other blossom into full grown petals? 

BRIDES GONE WILD is sexy, humorous and so much fun to read.  Ms. Linz does an awesome job penning a compelling plot and beguiling characters that you can not help but to fall in love with.  Pam is a funny, strong-willed and a passionate woman.  Michael is stubborn, kind and compassionate.  I laughed out loud at the antics and I cried for two hearts that belong together.  BRIDES GONE WILD is an awesome tale that should be read by all.


HEAVEN CAN'T WAIT by Pamela Clare

Lissy Charteris is getting married to Will Fraser in a couple of weeks. She loves Will dearly, but since a conversation with her cold mother, she is having doubts about their relationship.  She wants to know if Will really does love her, so she puts forth a bet.  Will Fraser loves Lissy more than anything in the world and despises her mother.  When she approaches him with a bet, he is willing to play along to prove he really does love her.  Will had no idea it would be this hard and feels like he is slowly burning alive with desire.  Will Lissy realize how foolish she has been acting before a disaster happens that could be the end of a rare love? 


HEAVEN CAN'T WAIT is a touching love story about a young lady who allows her mother to poison her mind about the man she loves.  Ms. Clare pens a sexy and heart-wrenching tale that will have you reaching for the Kleenex.  Both Lissy and Will are compelling characters that will pull at your heart strings and have you rooting for them to find the peace within each other.


SO CAUGHT UP IN YOU by Beverly Brandt

Tasha O'Shaunessey is a lovely investigative reporter who has heard some very disturbing news about Quinn, the wedding planner.  But when she finally gets to meet the mysterious Quinn, she is shocked at the electrifying passion that burns between them.  Quinn Hayes is a sexy wedding planner with a shocking past.  When his next wedding party finally arrives at the hotel, he is completely captivated with the lovely Tasha.  But when a notorious slave trader shows up and takes an interest in Tasha, he knows he must protect her at all costs.  Will love and desire overcome an evil man determined to execute revenge?


SO CAUGHT UP IN YOU is a divine tale of mystery, murder, mayhem and romance.  Ms. Brandt does an awesome job drawing the reader in with her mesmerizing plot and charismatic characters.  Tasha and Quinn captured my heart.  I laughed, sat on the edge of my seat and cried when two hearts came together.


THE WEDDING PARTY by Whitney Lyles

Claire is an attractive young woman who is going to be a bridesmaid yet again.  Only Mason, the man she used to love, will be there and she is hoping to rekindle the love they once had.  But when she gets stranded with another man of the wedding party, she finds herself completely captivated by him.  Now she is totally confused and unsure if she should listen to her head or her heart.  Will Claire remember exactly why she left Mason and follow her heart with Bill?  Or will being comfortable with Mason overrule her heart?


THE WEDDING PARTY is a fun and sexy romp into the life of a woman who thought getting back together with her ex would ease her loneliness.  Ms. Lyles pens a tale that will have you laughing and yelling at Claire to listen to her heart.  THE WEDDING PARTY has a gripping plot and enigmatic characters.


CATCH OF THE DAY is a sexy, comical and beguiling novel comprised of four delightful tales of love.  The main characters' are charming, the plots are captivating and the romance is powerful.  The secondary characters are just as vibrant and add a lot of pizzazz to the tales. I held my side from laughing to hard, grabbed tissues from the happy tears and rooted for the characters hearts to soar.  Each author did a wonderful job captivating this reader and keeping her reading until all hours of the night.  If you are looking for a fun summer novel to read, then I would recommend grabbing a lounge chair, something cool to drink and CATCH OF THE DAY to read.

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