Catch of the Day
By Cy
Jun 24, 2004 - 11:23:00 AM

If Sandra wanted the relationship with Pat to work, she would need patience.  Not only did she have to wait for them to be alone, but she also had to keep the affair a secret so as to not start office gossip. It did make sense, but left Sandra unsatisfied. Not Pat though, he got his. Sandra has high hopes for the upcoming conference.  This is the perfect opportunity for some alone time. But when given the chance, Pat leaves her waiting in the hotel room and doesn't bother calling until the next morning.

To add more salt to the wound, he chartered a fishing trip so that was even more time they wouldn't be spending alone.  Sandra decided to go along on the trip.  It gave her the perfect opportunity to get back onto the sea of her childhood. What she doesn't count on is the feeling of home the ocean gives her-or the sexy captain of the Amy Belle.


Tulsa Brown demonstrates the naivete many women have towards affairs and bosses, and also the freedom leaving gives them.  CATCH OF THE DAY is a quest for love, home and finding yourself.  Tulsa made me want to go out on my own fishing expedition complete with a handsome captain!

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