Cattle Valley: Fool's Gold
By Christina
Aug 1, 2009 - 8:07:14 PM

Adeline Murphy is the new owner of the Apple Valley Inn Bed and Breakfast in the small town of Cattle Valley, Wyoming. She spent all of the money she inherited from her father to begin her new life. If she can’t make a living running the inn she will lose everything.

Melissa Danes has a good life in Cattle Valley. She has friends and a job at the local bookstore that she enjoys, however she can’t help feeling that something is missing in her life. She sees how happy her boss is with her partner and she can’t help but be a little envious. Melissa is tired of being alone and longs for a special woman to share her life with.


From the moment Melissa sees Addie she can’t keep her eyes off her. Addie is one of the most attractive women she has ever seen. Unfortunately, she is not alone. She is accompanied by her girlfriend Chloe. Chloe is one of the rudest people Melissa has ever met. She can’t understand what Addie sees in Chloe but no matter how much Melissa wishes she were the one in Addie’s life she won’t do anything to hurt their relationship. She is willing to settle for friendship but will it be enough?


FOOL’S GOLD is the second novel by Jenna Byrnes in the CATTLE VALLEY series. Lesbian erotic romance is hard to find so I was happy to see this addition to the series. Melissa has a small role in TRUTH OR DARE, the previous novel by Jenna Byrnes and I am very happy that she gets her own story. Addie is an appealing character. I admired that even though she doesn’t have any guarantee of success she still tries to make a better life for herself. FOOL’S GOLD is a fun and engaging addition to the Cattle Valley universe.

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