Cattle Valley: Sweet Topping
By Christina
Apr 1, 2008 - 9:19:56 PM

Kyle Brynn knows that he has a lot to be proud of. Despite losing the use of his legs in an accident and being confined to a wheelchair he has managed to create a pretty good life for himself. He has a job he loves, his own home and he has managed to maintain his independence. Kyle has even managed to make a few friends in town but there are times when he longs for someone to share his life with.

Darshawn Gilling used to be one of the best players in professional football. But Gill wasn’t happy because no matter how rich or how famous he might be, Gill knew he was living a lie. So he quit the game, came out to his family and moved to Cattle Valley to start a whole knew life. He has managed to create a good life for himself, one he can be proud of but he knows something is missing.


Kyle thinks that his life is too complicated for love. That is until Gill shows interest in him. Gill isn’t like anyone Kyle has ever met. Kyle’s differences don’t seem to bother Gill in the least. Gill is fascinated by Kyle and as their relationship deepens he thinks he may have found the missing piece of the puzzle. Can it be too good to be true?


SWEET TOPPING is the third novel in the Cattle Valley series by Carol Lynne.  I really enjoyed reading this story. As a person who has a disability I really identified with Kyle and his struggle to lead as normal a life as possible. Kyle felt very realistic to me. Gill and Kyle are both wonderful characters and they are very sweet together but also very intense. There is a lot of heat between them. I had a lot of fun getting to know them and I look forward to the next book in the series. 

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