Caught in the Act
By Nicole
Jun 1, 2005 - 4:30:00 PM

When Nicole Dreyfuss shows up at the Richmond mansion to prevent her sister from stealing, she's surprised to see playboy Scott Richmond home instead. She's even more stunned to hear that Scott caught her sister and then let her go. With the family jewels. Scott figured he'd let Chrissy go and recover the jewels the next day. Nicole thinks he's crazy, but glad that the police aren't involved. Unfortunately, when they go to retrieve the jewelry the next day, they're gone. Even worse, they were fakes and Scott's mother is intent on collecting insurance on them.

To prevent his beloved mother from committing insurance fraud, he convinces Nicole to help him switch the fake jewels for the real ones. In order to gain entrance in the high society homes where the jewels are, Scott convinces Nicole to pretend to be his fiancee. When the job is done, they can stage a scene where Nicole dumps him and they'll both go back to how things were before. Or will they?

CAUGHT IN THE ACT may feature what seems to be a rather silly plot, but it works amazingly well. The characters are what really shine through and Nicole and Scott are quite the couple. They both know that the other doesn't show their true colors and wonder why. Add in some great secondary characters and you have a fantastic romantic comedy that's perfect for a summer afternoon. I hope to read more from Pam McCutcheon in the future.

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