Causing Havoc
By Sarah W
Feb 5, 2007 - 9:27:00 AM

When a mysterious letter arrives at extreme SBC fighter Dean “Havoc” Conor’s most recent address, he is stunned. His sister Cam, who he has not seen since he was nine and she a mere two-years-old, has written expressing the desire to meet him again, to become a family again. Dean is not sure if becoming a family again after all these years is possible, but he decides to head back to Harmony, Kentucky to see what is what.

When Eve Lavon spots the mysterious but devastatingly handsome stranger at the local honky-tonk, she is stunned. They sure do not get too many men like him in Harmony. After an intense flirtation session, he departs and Eve expects to never see him again. Little does she realize the man she met as Havoc is none other than her best friend Cam Conor’s brother, Dean!


As Dean and Eve deal with their strong attraction, Dean must come to terms with seeing his sisters again, with his diabolical Aunt Lorna, with Cam’s maybe-fiancé Roger, and his own feelings of abandonment, anger and hope. It is a lot to deal with, but Dean is coming to realize with Eve by his side, he may be ready to tackle the biggest challenge of his life…love. Of course, that is only if he can stay in Harmony alive when it is apparent someone is out to get Dean and force him away from Harmony for good.


CAUSING HAVOC certainly lives up to its title! With its appealing lead characters, warmhearted secondary characters, and evil villains, there is plenty going on in this story to keep you interested! Dean’s relationship with Eve is scorching. From the moment they meet, the heat is on and pulsates between them. However, it is through their actions, gestures, and words that true love starts blossoming. Perhaps the tenderest part of this story is Dean’s relationship with his two sisters. Though he tries not to, again and again his big brother instincts crop up. He cannot help how much he cares for those two women, even from their rocky beginning. You will certainly shed a tear or two as this family is gradually reunited. It does not happen all at once, but there is no doubt the bond grows as the pages turn.


CAUSING HAVOC is passionate, poignant and playful. It is trademark Lori Foster fun. Readers are certainly in for a knockdown, drag-out genuine story of family and love.

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