Caution: Wet Paint
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 2:04:27 PM

Clara Simms life hasn’t been the same since the fateful day she returned home to find one of her lovers along with all his possessions gone.  Ever since Arturo and she have remained together but with such a vital part of their lives missing the happiness and creativity that once thrived between them is gone.

Prince Samir Zahi and Arturo Ciriano first met four years ago and their passion for each other and art cemented their bond.  Once they met Clara it seemed that their lives couldn’t get any more perfect.  Clara is more than their lover; she’s their muse and adores both men with an intensity that only serves to heighten the intensity of the relationship.


Unfortunately their close relationship is ripped apart when Prince Samir is ordered to return to Razban due to war.  When Samir returned he made it clear to his family that it would not stay indefinitely.   He fully intended to return to the United States and hopefully his lovers as soon as his father’s position as king is secured.


Since Prince Samir’s ‘disappearance’ Clara and Arturo anxiously devoured any news that came in regarding the war in Razban for any word of Samir but he’s never mentioned.  It’s as if Samir simply doesn’t exist.  That is until the day Clara comes across one of Samir and Arturo’s paintings at an exclusive department store. Does this mean that Samir has returned?  Dare Clara hope that the life they all once shared can be theirs again?


CAUTION: WET PAINT is a thrilling story of a love that’s simmered over years of separation.  Clara, Arturo and Samir have shared a unique relationship that was unexpectedly ripped apart by family ‘duty.’  Adrianna Dane has made quite a name for herself amongst e-book readers and after reading any of her stories it’s very easy to see why.  These characters feel like long lost friends and their turmoil speaks to your heart.  I love how the character’s personalities make them so perfect together and difficult to imagine separated. 


CAUTION: WET PAINT is one of the stories that make up Amber Quill’s THREE IS ALWAYS COMPANY collection.  The other stories are:


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