Cave Creek Cowboy Christmas
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 15, 2005 - 11:59:00 AM

Connie is a spunky fireball of a woman with a big secret. She was raped as a teenager and has never revealed the identity of her attacker. At twenty-two years old, she’s decided that she’s ready to find out what sex is supposed to be like and Ray is the perfect man to show her.

Ray’s twelve years older than Connie. Up until now he’s been able to keep his hands off her, but a man can only take so much provocation. Since he’s decided to quit bull riding, he’ll have more time to concentrate on taming Connie. Zoe has been in love with Steve for years. Her twin sister Zandra has delighted in helping Zoe tempt Steve even though he’s never taken them up on their offer. Now with Steve injured and out of bull riding permanently, Zoe is more determined than ever to capture her man.

Steve suffered a horrible accident that almost cost him his life. He’s lucky it only cost him his career as a bull rider. He’s still learning to walk and spending a lot of time in a wheelchair feeling sorry for himself. He's about to find out that Zoe will not allow him to indulge in self-pity.

There must be something in the water in Cave Creek. One by one the cowboys are caving in to the wiles of the women in their lives. Not that any of them are complaining. Connie makes an offer Ray can’t refuse. He doesn’t have to fall in love with her, just show her what sex is about. Of course, if he attempts to back out, she’s got the sexy little number that she wears to Mike and Kresley’s wedding reception (without underwear).

Connie fully intends to have sex before she leaves Las Vegas and she’ll do everything in her power to ensure that Mike cooperates fully with her plans. Connie gets her way but she’s not prepared to answer the questions that arise once they’ve made love. Steve has a policy to never get involved with any of his sister’s friends. Fortunately for him, Zoe has no intention of letting him adhere to that policy and with Zandra’s plan in full force, Zoe may finally get her chance with her cowboy. Zoe’s in competition with his mother who has been filling his head with dreams of returning to the rodeo. Zoe isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the crotchety older woman.

CAVE CREEK COWBOY CHRISTMAS is simply delightful! From Connie’s tendency to blacken the eye of any man who deserves it, right down to Zoe’s overzealous battle with Ms. Hansen. As with all the CAVE CREEK series stories, the characters are bold and it’s great fun to immerse yourself in their lives. Shocking secrets are revealed that will leave the reader gasping and wondering what will happen next. Zandra needs a man of her own and there’s also mention of a possible relationship between Matt and Bev so I’m hoping we’ll get to watch the girls brand the cowboys of CAVE CREEK for quite some time to come!

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