Cave Creek Cowboy In Vegas

Author: Brit Blaise

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: August 1, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Bobbi Jo must be a glutton for punishment. She's actually dressed up and flown to Las Vegas to attend the wedding of her ex-husband and the woman he'd been in love with before, during, and after their own marriage. Wishing them well, Bobbi Jo swears off cowboys and decides that this is the perfect opportunity to drink herself into oblivion.

Tam has been in love with Bobbi Jo ever since she'd taken care of his grandmother when she had still been in a nursing school. Unfortunately, he never expressed his feelings to her and after his grandmother passed away, he was so upset he cried all over her at the funeral and then had Ridge take her home. Now that he has a chance, he's just hoping she remembers everything when she sobers up.

Bobbi Jo is just about to indulge in a serious case of self-pity when Tam catches up to her and realizing that she's about to tie one on, volunteers to look out for her. Mike joined them at the table and since the men normally drink tequila shots and beer, Bobbi Jo decides to drink the same thing. Since Bobbi Jo doesn't normally drink, she quickly becomes inebriated. Mike's jokingly teasing her, so Bobbi Jo invites a group of women to the table by telling them that Mike says he can drink them under the table. Since the new women are wondering at the status of Bobbi Jo and Tam's relationship, Bobbi Jo manages to slur out that they're only friends. Mike of course, knows about Tam's true feelings for her and informs Tam that he needs to tell Bobbi Jo how he feels, this may be the only chance he gets. Figuring Bobbi Jo won't remember anyway, Tam tells her in front of the entire group there at the table that he loves her and has for a very long time. Bobbi Jo completely misses the entire point of his confession. But when they got up to go get some air and she stumbled into his arms, she kissed him and he promptly deepened the kiss, sweeping her into his arms to take back to his room. Of course, that left Mike alone at the table to drink all those cowgirls under the table on his own.

After reading ANOTHER CAVE CREEK COWBOY, I'd wondered about Bobbi Jo so I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to journey along as she discovers the CAVE CREEK COWBOY who was meant for her. Since the beginning of the series, I've loved the closeness the characters have depicted, it's easy to imagine yourself as a member of the close-knit community, at the same time, you can smile and shake your head at the foolish trouble each character seems to always stumble into. Bobbi Jo and Tam's feelings for each other developed years earlier but because of a series of events remained hidden from each other until alcohol and a little friendly coercion convinces Tam to go for it. The results? Touchingly sweet and great fun. Of course, you're left wondering about Mike and his harem of women at the table, it seems there's been a spot of trouble from that incident as well, and you'll have to read CAVE CREEK COWBOY: TOO MANY BRIDES to find out the full story.

This book easily stands alone but as a fan of the entire series, I highly recommend reading them all and of course definitely adding them to your keeper shelf.  You can now also get the entire series in the print book CAVE CREEK COWBOYS.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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