Cave Creek Cowboy Too Many Brides

Author: Brit Blaise

Publisher: Amber Quill Press

Release Date: September 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Kresley Hansen has been in love with Mike Kale since she was fifteen-years-old and snuck into a tent at a rodeo where the older kids were playing spin the bottle. Mike had given her the first kiss she'd ever received that night. She's never told him how she feels about him because her family for some reason she can't understand refuses to have anything to do with Mike's family. Now at twenty-one years old, it's time for Kresley to grab what she wants and she's going to do it in a big way.

Mike Kale remembers that kiss very well. He'd looked for the girl that had kissed him only to discover that she's jail bait. Mike was twenty years old at the time. Now, thanks to a drunken stupor, he wakes up and there's a marriage license, six naked woman and nobody will tell him which one of them he's married.

Waking up naked with six naked women should be the stuff of fantasies right? Normally it would have been for Mike too, but there's a piece of paper involved - a marriage license that's in the clutches of one of the women and while he knows it's his name there as the groom, he has no idea who the bride is. Once the women had all left, leaving Mike alone in Kresley's room, the women congregated in another room and discussed Mike, the marriage, and what had occurred the night at the rodeo when Kresley kissed Mike. It was also the night that Connie had been raped. Due to the rape, events from that rodeo are never discussed and only a few of their friends in this group know nothing about it. In order to explain her feelings for Mike though, Kresley has to explain about that kiss that occurred the same night. With Kresley beginning to get cold feet, it's decided that she go first in the 'which one's your bride' game. Bev calls Mike to set up Kresley and Mike's date for that night, which just happens to be to a wedding Mike's attending that evening. Returning to her room, Kresley's confronted by her brother who she stands up to despite his becoming enraged at the idea of her being married. Then she has a run in with Mike in her room when he accuses her of having "hot pants" and then proceeds to tell her that he knows it was her that had kissed him so long ago. He goes so far as to tell her that her family should keep her on a leash, which only infuriates her more. Some men just deserve to have their behind kicked and Kresley's brother, Steve is in the mood to accommodate that kind of thinking.

CAVE CREEK COWBOY: TOO MANY BRIDES follows a young woman as she goes after the one man she's loved for more than six years. Defying her family's wrath, Kresley spies an opportunity to tie Mike to her and goes for it. With the help of her friends, a marriage obtained while drunk becomes a game of sorts as Mike attempts to figure out which one of the women is the one he married, and realizes that he really hopes that his new wife is Kresley and not one of the others. Brit Blaise infuses humor throughout the story, which keeps you smiling as you come to understand the reasoning for the two families' dissension. I'm hoping the next story in the CAVE CREEK series will involve Connie and Ray's story next. I adored the way those two interacted throughout the story too. If you're a fan of the CAVE CREEK boys, this is definitely another story you'll want to add to your collection, and if this is the first story in this terrific series you've read, you'll want to add the others as well.

Now also available in the print title CAVE CREEK COWBOYS - along with the rest of the stories in this series.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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